I Didn’t Throw Up 

I bit the bullet and went to the open mic poetry. I had originally had a beautiful piece written but I had to go with cometry (comedy-poetry) because that was the theme. So this is what happened….. Yes, I did forget what I was saying. It happens….

If You Can’t Say Anything Nice (A Rant)

I wasn’t going to post a blog today. Mostly because my mom has always told me, ” If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all.” But I’ve found myself brewing and stewing over something, someone, who has been quite insignificant to me over the last 14 years…my son’s dad.  When […]

Farmers Only….Dot Com

First, my friend Crystal tells me that I need to try to go two weeks without sex, because she thinks I have a problem. I think my ability to have a decent amount of sex is actually no problem at all, but I gave her suggestion a try. Twice. And I failed. I’m not cut […]

Prince Sex*

Prince died. And it was sad day for everyone, including my unemotional unboyfriend who I haven’t talked to in 63 days or seen in 72, but who’s counting? He was consumed with grief and he sent me a text. I’m still not sure why. I guess because we both had a love for Prince. Not that that makes […]

My Sad Love Story*

You may remember my unboyfriend from the blog “Excerpt from the Unboyfriend,” a book I have been slowly working on that looks like it may never get finished. Someone will probably steal the title and write a bestselling novel and I will still be working on the chapter called “the Unboyfriend” because it is obviously a never […]

Colonic Disappointment

I started a fourteen day colon cleanse a few days ago, maybe five by now. I’m not really counting. I just figure I’ll know I’m done when the bottle is empty. Although I did accidentally take Ashwaganda one night instead of two of the other pills I was supposed to take because the bottles somehow […]

A Freudian Comparison?

I finally had a successful date the other day. He picked me up exactly when he said he would. We went to my favorite restaurant and talked and laughed. And then we went to see a show in downtown Knoxville. Unfortunately, “he” is my brother. It’s a pretty sad day when your brother is your […]