Summer Science

School is finally out. Summer is upon us.  My kid is thrilled. No more classes. No more making up reasons to not go to school. No more learning. No more reading. No more research.  Or at least no more forced education. Just free time and staying up late and sleeping in. Or at least that’s what […]

Nobody Gets Left Behind 

I never really understood or even had a slight grasp on what PTSD was. I knew it was post traumatic stress disorder and I knew it had many causes, but I never really thought about it in regards to soldiers. I know when people use the term, they are typically talking about soldiers, but I […]

My Sunday Service- Reggae

Whenever people ask me what my favorite music is, it’s a no brainer for me and I quickly answer, “reggae.” The question that usually follows, if there is going to be a question, is “why?” My short answer to that is because reggae saved me. I don’t claim to be a religious person. I guess maybe […]

No More Weekend Blog?

I’ve been kicking around the idea of not posting on the weekend. It seems a lot of people don’t read on Saturday or Sunday and if they do, they are catching up on other, previously missed, blogs. So I wanted to just throw it out there and see a.) what other bloggers who read this […]

A Cinderella Day

Today was an odd day. It started like any other Thursday, but ended like a Disney movie or should I say, at a Disney movie. It was both.  I had been giddy for a day or two because I had been texting with TK the DJ, but it became glaringly clear that he was really […]

My Dirty Little Secret

Not many people in my circle know that I suffer from anxiety. And those that do, probably doubt me. I’ve learned to hide it well over the years and even to deal with it and accept it.  And maybe mine is different from most or I treat it differently, I don’t really know. I think […]