On the Search Again

When I started this blogging adventure, I had this unrealistic idea that I would start blogging and everyone would love the little tidbits of psychosis I share daily and they would share it to their friends, and their friends would share it, and so on and so forth until I easily had over ten thousand readers […]

He Doesn’t Even Know He Might Be a Hippie

Apparently African people have all the knowledge that we Americans are lacking when it comes to living naturally. Although, maybe that should be a given considering life started in Africa so maybe they’ve had way longer to figure things out than we immigrants of the United States have. I have been on this “natural” journey […]

My Bucket List

I went out for a day out on the town with my mom today. I don’t do that near enough, partly because I don’t have a car and she wont ride the bus with me, but I had my sister’s car today and so we went to eat pizza and watch Me Before You. Without spoiling […]

A Cheap Engagement

I know I mentioned that Derek and I went out to eat yesterday, but at the time I wrote the blog I was trying with everything I had to hold my eyes open and I couldn’t fully delve into our evening because I was not feeling very entertaining, but our conversation over dinner was very […]

A Day and a Half

Well, I woke up with a swollen eye thanks to a stye. I wasn’t sure that’s what it was when I went to bed, but I was sure when I woke up. Derek came over last night kind of late. He would have been here earlier but I was being my usual uncertain self and […]

Waiting It Out

Today was kind of bleh. I wasn’t even going to write today but I didn’t want to fall out of the habit. I woke up with what seems to be the beginning of a stye in my eye, but I can’t be sure. It hurts to touch it (so I’ve stopped touching it) and it’s […]

Maybe He Doesn’t Owe Me

As I was riding the bus earlier today, I was thinking about the blog I wrote the day before yesterday about Derek and how things have changed. I started thinking that maybe I don’t need to lower my expectations. Maybe I need to stop expecting anything at all. I thought,  I’ve never been a person […]