I’m Not an In-Betweener

Someone said to me that I give too much too soon when it comes to relationships. When he said it to me, I knew it was constructive criticism, because I tend to be a “failure” in the traditional sense of relationships and I think in his own way, he was trying to help. Even though […]

The Blue Mouthpiece

A fictional story of 1000 words or less written for NYC Midnight. This copy is for reviews from other NYC Midnight authors without my blah, blah, blogging at the beginning. Thank you in advance! Ghost Story/ Boxing Gym/ Neon Sign I closed the obituary I was reading for the thousandth time, carefully folded it and […]

The Blue Mouthpiece

I took my coworker to a job tonight that was about an hour away from where we work. It was also after hours so it was dark. As we were driving this long winding road where someone could easily get killed and not be discovered for years afterwards, I remembered that I did not share […]

The Anthem & a Free T-Shirt*

I had been talking to this guy recently. I have “Facebook” known him for a while but just met him in person very recently. We had talked through text a time or two and we were definitely under no false pretenses that whatever was going to happen between us was anything more than getting a […]

A Night Of Vodka & Drag Queens

I went out a lot over the last week. It’s almost been too much to talk about. The night after the house party, I went to an open mic poetry event. I’m getting more and more comfortable being up in front of people and reading or reciting things I’ve written. I did two “poems” that […]