A Pin Hole in the Dark

It’s been a trying couple of weeks. As I’ve worked relentlessly to get answers and try to live my regular life while worrying myself into hysteria, at times, I have been going through ups and downs. Aren’t those the beauty of life? Some days you wake up and even in the midst of darkness, you […]

The Honeybee That Got Away 

I saved a honey bee today. He was floating down the river that I’ve been spending a lot of my time at just flipping and flapping his tiny little wings. I debated for a moment whether to help or just let him keep drifting along. Even though he was “just a bee,” I decided I should […]

My Two Cents Over Grass

I’ve never been one of those people who has a talent and knows it and pats themselves on the back for it. I’m actually usually one of those people who rarely recognizes  a talent until someone points it out and I really can’t think of an argument and then I’m like, “well, damn, maybe you’re right […]

Better than the Lottery

As you know I’ve been going round and round with this prison trying to find out about Joe. The “Doctor” who is his caseworker is, well, for lack of a four letter word that starts with c- and ends with -unt has been less than pleasant with me for the most part. Again, I get […]

Reality TV

Very rarely do I ever sit around thinking, “man, I wish I had a marketable skill.” Today, however, as I called lawyer after lawyer and got basically the same numbers in dollars and cents, I started thinking, “why was I never a stripper?” Stage fright and pink eye, I guess is the answer. I guess […]