Trick or Treat

I got home tonight right before 6pm. I had a slight panic attack because I knew I would probably have a few trick or treaters and I didn’t have any candy in the house, which is not really a surprise because Mel, my kiddo, is like a corn syrup junkie despite my best efforts.  So I […]

Sal’s Pizza

Every Sunday, after my visit with Joe, as I am heading out of Nashville, I stop at Sal’s Pizza. It’s a little cozy pizza joint that I found one Sunday while heading back to Knoxville. You can order at the counter or dine in. All the tables have red and white checkered tablecloths that you […]

The Day My Worlds Collided

It’s odd how things hit you sometimes out of nowhere. Well, I guess they hit you from somewhere deep down inside of you. That secret closet that only you know about. The place where all your feelings hide. The place where all your secrets hide. The place that you think everything can go and be […]

My Birthday Present

As my birthday has been slowly approaching, my sweet little Mel has been asking me what I want. Over the years, I have had a small list of things that I want. Ex: a yoga mat, some weights, a blank journal, a book, cooking supplies, etc. This year, I have been at a loss. I […]

Not So Great News

About three weeks ago, I went to see Joe. I have a friend who wanted to go to Nashville to see the end of the Cumberland River. I had told her that if she had a Sunday off, I’d love to have some company on the long drive. She had off that weekend and we […]

My Big Fat Blunder

Well, today was semi-eventful. Let me back up to yesterday. Yesterday was super busy at work. The guys had been busy. I had been busy. The garbage cans were overflowing and I had, for days, been meaning to take the garbage out. I stayed later than usual because I was going to do just that. […]

This Moment

Nothing exciting or amazing happened today, but then again, nothing exciting or amazing happened yesterday or the day before either, but one thing new did happen today. I managed to go the whole day without getting overwhelmed or really stressed out and I went the whole day without biting my co-worker’s head off. There is […]