My Top Three 

I hung out with by big son the other night. That’s what I call him. What I mean is he’s my eldest son. The younger one is the big one as I cannot figure out how to make him stop sprouting up like a beanstalk. I don’t usually get any time with my oldest son. […]

Learning to Pray

I’ve never been what anyone would consider a “religious” person. I basically subscribe to my own brand of spirituality. A little bit Catholic, a little bit Baptist, a little bit Buddhist, a little bit Rasta, a little bit of all the best of them. I know that’s not the way religion is supposed to work, […]

Maybe that’s why

I have been really stressed with life lately. That whole stalker broken window thing and work and Joe and the fact that I hate winter has been really getting to my optimistic side lately. And my kid was the one to bring it to my attention. I think we were driving and I was complaining about […]

And So I Wait

I know it rarely pays to ponder the what ifs, even though we all, at one time in our lives or another, do it. I went to see Joe today as is my usual routine. We celebrated Christmas as a family on Christmas Eve so I was still able to go see Joe even though […]

I Never Thought I Would

I never in my life thought that I would be one of those women sitting in a “safe place” filing an order of protection against someone I once thought I loved in some way. And yet, there I was, sitting in an overstuffed swivel chair this morning with the remains of my smashed window still […]