I’m Such a Slacker

I’ve been doing so well with the writing thing. I was even ahead a couple of blogs, which is probably why I didn’t notice until just now that I didn’t post anything today. I ran out of pre-scheduled blogs. I guess my little bout of writing enthusiasm had to end at some time. Not that […]

Put the High Fives on Hold

Remember yesterday, when we were all so proud of my kid for being an entrepreneur? We can temporarily stop the high fives He’s suspended AGAIN! Not for peddling candy. He’s suspended for “accidentally” skipping a marketing class that he hates. This is the second time he’s been suspended because of this class. At first, I […]

YouTube Beware!

In the midst of a conversation with my BFFs the other day, one of them mentioned that I should just go ahead and start a YouTube channel. We were talking about the erotica that I had recently started working on so I immediately thought she meant that I should start an erotica channel which translated […]