Satisfying My Existence

Most of my days are spent walking around in a fog, but sometimes I have these deep breadths of clarity. I had one the other night. Well, the other day, really. I was working. It was a Saturday. I had been at work for a couple hours past my quitting time when my poet friend […]

My Banana Rat

I’m an animal lover. It’s no secret. I love all animals: birds, squirrels, kittens, fish, lions, dogs (especially dogs) and so forth. I wouldn’t hurt a fly, literally, I will not kill a fly, I can’t and I won’t. I try not to step on ants when I see them outside. I let a whole hive […]

My One Pessimistic Post….

Let’s try this again. I guess it’s obvious I went back to work. Every time I do that, I disappear from the blogosphere. So my “boss” and I made up and I accepted a position back at the granite shop. It was originally supposed to only be part time, but none of the other office […]

When It Rains It Pours

As you may or may  not know, I got into it a few weeks ago with the owner of the company I work for. It’s hard working for friends. I guess it’s hard doing anything with friends besides being friends. Anyway, we got into it, he said some things. I had hurt feelings. I said […]

Another Dream Comes True

I saw an event scroll through my news feed on Facebook the other day. It was an evening with Anne Lamott. I looked at it with interest. I checked the box, because I was definitely going to try to go, and then I went on about my day. A couple of days later, my aunt, […]

If I Could Have Just This

I’ve noticed, especially in the winter months, even if it is cold out, I feel so much better when the sun is shining. I love driving in my car, even in the freezing cold, with my sunglasses on and my sunroof open (with the heat on my feet, of course). I was doing that today, […]