The Purge (Part 2)

         So after cleaning out my closet and getting rid of my couch, which incidentally is still sitting on the curb for some reason, I was able to get the yard mowed, get most of my room cleaned, most of it, I’m not a miracle worker. And then I got sidetracked and […]

The Job or Lack Thereof (Part 1)

So it’s been over a week since I quit my job. Yes, I quit. I didn’t get fired, which is funny because the guy who owns the shop I worked at did like to fire me about once a month. Like women get their periods, I could pretty much count down to my final day […]

The Purge (Part 1?)

**Note: There is a lot of fucking in this blog. Not sex. Just F Bombs**   I know some of you are probably really excited to read about this purge, but it was not me going around town killing poor people like in the movie. It was a purge of unnecessary items from my life. […]

Dry Socket Potato Monkey

It’s been a week since Mel, my sweet little baby, got his wisdom teeth out. Aside from losing all his wisdom, he gained a boatload of pain over the last seven days. The first three were expected. Then, adding to his truancy, the dry socket reared its ugly head causing him to miss even MORE […]

Remedial Flossing 

I am a huge fan of dental hygiene, but I am, by far, the worlds worst flosser. Seriously, I take my oral hygiene very seriously (and I like to repeat words). I brush twice a day. Sometimes three times. I floss almost daily. I don’t even know if you are actually supposed to floss daily, but I […]