I Will Take Part of the Blame

A friend who works in the system advised me that maybe Mel’s story should wait until after he goes to court, just so he doesn’t accidentally incriminate himself with his honesty. So, because it makes perfect sense, we are going to wait until after July 25th to post Mel’s blog from his perspective. Today I […]

No Perfect Parents (Part 1)

I take great pride in my parenting. I just published a little lighthearted encouraging book about parenting called It’s Going to be OK. But life rarely allows us to be on our cloud for long before it smacks the shit out of us and lands us back on the solid ground of reality. I was traveling […]

Poetry and Prison

I had a pretty decent weekend. I was going to write about it yesterday, but I already had that other blog written, scheduled and ready to go. I went to Nashville for an open mic poetry reading. I know it’s kind of a far way to go for poetry, but I love poetry, and I […]

Relationship Fears and Facts

I may have mentioned this before but I love the beginning of love. I love the part of a new relationship where you are getting to know each other and you laugh together and you talk at dinner. I know there are people who are together for years that still laugh and talk together. I […]

Call for Guest Bloggers

Happy Saturday everyone. The weather here is leaving a bit to be desired. Not at all like that Florida sunshine I was in just a few days ago, but I guess they aren’t getting much sunshine now either. I do have a few more Florida stories that I’ll be sharing next week and guest blogger, […]

Fake Tits and Tatted Lips

One morning while I was in Florida, I got up early and headed to the beach to find my friend, Renee, some seashells. So I’m walking, head down on the shore. I had waves crashing at my feet and water rolling over my toes. Birds flying above me. It was picture perfect just like every […]