My Dying Dogs

I went to buy dog food the other day and it dawned on me that all  my dogs are officially seniors. I have a total of three. I have the loaner dog that my ex-hubby abandoned with me probably a year ago. And then I have my two personal dogs. I got my German Shepherd, […]

Yellow Wall of Death

I have a serious driving problem. I guess the problem is really that I’m not a great driver. I don’t text and drive (much) anymore, but I still get distracted if I have my ringer on and I get a notification of any kind. My kid will hear it and sharply say, “don’t you even […]

Inaccurate Poll Results

So I did the BJ poll yesterday. Unfortunately, the poll results are not accurate. They may represent the majority, but for some reason, I think it didn’t take any results after the first twenty people. So I need to research different polling options. Plus maybe add a few more questions. So if you know of […]