New Year’s Non-Resolutions

Christmas came and went uneventfully. Thank God. I spent time with family and had a really nice time. And there wasn’t bacon on anything which is really how I gauge successful family dinners nowadays.  Saw all my kids. Felt good about the people they are heading into the new year as and with. So now, […]

Trucker Off the Record

So, now that I’ve been home for a day (well, almost), I’ve decided that I really like this guy. And since sometimes putting personal stuff out on the web in too much detail can cause a riff in somebody’s world, I’ve (we’ve) decided that for now, we are going to get to know each other […]

The Longest First Date Ever…

It’s 3:32 am and I am finally home. Alive and well. I think I may have officially had the longest first date ever. I think we came in at right under 62 hours. Maybe it’s not an official world record, but I’d like to think it’s right up there with it. First, let me say […]


If you read this blog regularly, you’ve no doubt come across some of my actions that were questionable or downright stupid.  Well, I guess I’ve done it again. I’m currently writing this blog from a really nice hotel room in Ohio. By time you start reading it, I will likely be on my way back […]

Gone Fishin’

I was sitting at home Friday night and I was bored. Every church person will tell you idle time is the devil’s playground. And so, I said a little prayer before I went to the playground. And then I opened up my phone and made (yet, another) online dating profile. I’m not sure if it’s […]

R.I.P. Banana Rat

Well my Monkey Rat is gone. You may remember him from this blog. It was about 9 months ago when my bananas started to disappear. I did the most logical thing I could think of and I moved the bananas (and the bread) to the other side of the kitchen where I assumed it would be […]