Wisdom Wednesday (aka just my two cents)

I think I mentioned around Thanksgiving that once upon a time I wanted to be a Rockette. I wasn’t a formally trained dancer, but I liked to dance. Plus I had long slim legs (at that time) and figured I could learn just about anything. Then I got to high school and joined the drama […]

Groundhog Day

I woke up this morning a little earlier than usual. I laid in bed for a minute. Pondered life. Thought about Flea Market Guy. Smiled a little. Got up. Got out of bed. Let my dogs out. Cooked some eggs and toast. Opened the door to let my dogs in. Only two came back. One […]

The Universe and Me

I’ve been staring at this blank blog screen for a while determined to come up with some flashback Friday blog. But as luck would have it, my memory is escaping me and I can’t think of anything from the past. As far back as I can go right now is to yesterday. Which was an […]

About Last Night

So, I went out with Flea Market guy again last night. I must say, this guy is pretty fantastic. Not to mention completely adorable, which he doesn’t like me to say because it makes him feel dirty… or something. There’s a very good chance that in the next little bit,  he will be earning a […]

The Bar is Set

They used to say it only takes 21 days to start a habit. Now I think the number is more like 66. I decided last night as I laid down (early, hence the late blog) that it takes about 5 days to set the bar with me. There’s something to be said about maximum effort. […]

Just Doing it Already!

I had this weird super productive, full of epiphany kind of day today. Obviously, it was productive if the blog is posting on time, which it has been having it’s ups and downs lately (if you noticed), but today, as I was thinking about the idea of commitment, I got to really thinking about my […]