2nd Day of Death

I’m still alive. Maybe I feel better than I did yesterday. At least the feeling of swallowing a broken light bulb has mostly passed. Except for when I breathe deeply or swallow. Actually, I think the pain just shifted. But I didn’t sleep for 20 hours today. Only about 12. I’ve continued with the flu […]

My hippie juju

I wrote that blog yesterday telling you all to call in sick to work and then I woke up too sick to work. I’ve been in bed all day. I got up to take Mel to the school bus. Went back to bed. Got up at 11 to wash his work uniform. Went back to […]

PSA: Your Vagina

The vagina… it’s a word that makes some people cower in embarrassment. It’s a topic that is taboo in some households. It has about twelve thousand other names like flower, hoo-haw, lady garden, nether region, kitty, cooch, muff, snatch, poon, honey pot, penis fly trap, twat, and my personal favorite…cunt… I love the nicknames. If […]

Saturday Sap

Flea Market Guy has been out of town for a week now with work. A business week. 5 days. The last time I saw his face in person was Sunday night. He left Monday. And it’s been awful and amazing at the same time. Awful because we are in our new phase where I want […]

I need Spring

I slept with my windows open last night. It was probably the most solid and peaceful sleep I’ve had in a while. And when I walked back into my bedroom after taking a shower, the whole room smelled like Spring. I just love that smell. It reminds me of walking barefoot in the summer and […]

The Dream that Made me Lose My Shit

I have these nights where I wake up at 3 am on the nose. Not for any particular reason. I just wake up. I usually roll over, check the time on my phone, go use the bathroom and go back to sleep. Last night was the same. I had my alarm set for 6:30. Somewhere […]