My Character Flaw

I’ve always been curious about what makes people tick. And what makes me tick. I’m a huge fan of self-reflection and also getting to the meat of the matter. So it should come as no shock that I couldn’t just let the shit go with Flea Market Guy. I know I said yesterday was the […]

The Last FMG Rant

Today was almost better than yesterday because for most of it I sat at my desk with the window open feeling the cool Spring breeze on my face and listening to the birds. I have a lot of birds right now because I put a bird feeder out and I make sure it’s always full, […]

The Best Worst Day Ever

I went to see Neil Hilborn tonight. He is a poet. If you have been on Facebook in the last two years, you’ve probably seen his poem “OCD”┬áIf you haven’t, go ahead and click back there and take a peek. It was a great distraction from the emotional rollercoaster I’ve been on all day. It’s […]

No More FMG (For Real This Time)

I know the blog has been missing for a couple days. I was licking my wounded heart, but I’m better now. It’s over with Flea Market Guy. And it’s really sad. Because for a while, he looked at me like I was everything. Actually, he did that every time we were together. Maybe it was […]

Life Lessons and Bowling

Someone randomly asked me today how I felt about bowling. My initial response was that I think bumper bowling is for pussies even if your 5. I think everyone should know what it’s like to end up in the gutter when you’re trying your absolute best (ok, maybe not when you are five). And then […]

Finding More Happy

I never really sit and think about my past. It might be because I don’t remember my actual past. But I never sit and think about the “what-ifs” of my life. I know that a lot of people reminisce about the good ole days or it would have been so much different if I had […]