Back on Solids- Kind Of

Today was day four of my juicing experience. I had one solid meal today, a salad, and two bananas. And I had about 4 juices and some aloe water. I must say, I feel pretty great. And I was reminded today how much I LOVE AVOCADO. I was expecting to feel like shit. After watching […]

For now, I hustle.

Today was uneventful. I went to lunch with my friend the Coach. I was on day 3 of my juice cleanse. I decided I would eat lunch with him though because it would be kind of awkward to be at a restaurant and not eat. As it turns out, I really like the juicing. I […]

The Juice Cleanse

When I went to Ohio, I decided I wanted to do a juice cleanse when I got home. I used my time in Ohio to semi-prepare my body for the change. I had quit eating eggs about two weeks before I went. And I hadn’t been eating bread either. I was, however consuming chips and […]

Alejandro, My One Day Stand

So yesterday was the first blog I’ve missed in over 30 days. Not bad. I did try to blog Saturday night so it would post Sunday, but the internet on the campground stopped working and then so did I. I went to the gas station to get a lottery ticket on Saturday night (I didn’t […]

There was a Wedding

We peeled out of Knoxville at 7 am yesterday to head to Charleston, SC. One of my best friend’s daughter was getting married. The smallest of small weddings and I was the officiant. I married those two and another couple, on the beach in a quick, but pretty amazing little ceremony. Not amazing because I […]

Mommy Can’t be a Prostitute (Yet)

So it seems my days of ghostwriting are coming to an end. Well, ghostwriting for my one major client. Not necessarily ghostwriting in general. I got a phone call today that my services will no longer be in the budget after this month. And here’s the funny thing about it all. When I was given […]