Since I’ve Been Gone (a three day blog)

I got a snap from bestie today asking me if I was ok. I think the exact message said, “You haven’t blogged in four days. Are you OK?” I didn’t realize four days had passed. I did realize I hadn’t blogged in a bit. I don’t like to blog when I’m down. Or when I’m […]

Counting Other’s Lucky Stars

A friend of mine recently had a nervous breakdown. Or some other mental breakdown that required a hospital stay. Lots of my friend have had breakdowns that have required medical care or inpatient treatment. All of them are female. All of them are married. And even though I was worried about her and I felt […]

It’s a New Dawn

I start a “real” job today at a local cafe. It was the first job I applied for when I decided I needed to do something to make some extra money. I put it out into the universe that it would be fun to work with people again. And they probably only have a few […]