A Blast from My Recent Past

I got a text message from Alejandro while I was at work today. He’s the one I went ziplining with in North Carolina not so long ago. I haven’t talked to him since he got back with his ex-girlfriend, who I guess is still his current girlfriend, immediately after our trip. I didn’t know who […]

Awake in Somebody Else’s Dreams

They say when you can’t sleep, that means you are awake in somebody else’s dreams. I’ve been awake in somebody else’s dreams for the last two hours. I usually don’t have problems falling asleep or staying asleep. Tonight, I can’t seem to do either. There’s nothing particularly taxing on my mind. I don’t have any […]

Power Binge and Unboyfriend

I didn’t blog last night. I’ve been enthralled in binge-watching Power. Unboyfriend got me hooked on it. I know I said I wasn’t going to see him anymore, but he gets me, I can tolerate him for more than five minutes, and when he’s on his A game, he knows how to rock my world. […]