My Pleasure…Check!

I had to work late today. So, of course, when kiddo asked me to pick something up on the way home, I asked, “what.” His answer, “real food.” In Melspeak, “real food” means not snack food, not healthy food, not food that has to be cooked. Fast food. Nine times out of 10 chicken. He […]

Almost a Man

My youngest kid turned 17 today. He’s one year away from “legally” becoming a man. And I’m one year away from not having to “parent” anymore. Today, I was in full parent mode. On his birthday, his English teacher decided to call me to tell me that my perfect child has been sleeping in his […]

The Great Hambino

I decided not to dwell on my shortcomings on my 29th-ish birthday. Instead I decided not to dwell at all and just be. I worked all day. Boss man sent me a pizza for lunch, went to eat (and drink) with bestie and got to get a pig who I’ve named the Great Hambino because […]

Fuck Birthdays

Birthdays are supposed to be a happy time. You’re a year older. A year wiser. A year closer to driving. Or drinking. Or graduating. Or death.  I find birthdays to be an annual reminder of all the things I still haven’t accomplished. A review of my failures if you will. And every year I say […]