OPINION: Tennessee is Lying About COVID-19 Cases

We’ve been watching the numbers of COVID-19 cases daily on worldometer. Obsessively, if you will. I like to look because my guy is kind of a math nerd and he likes to predict the growth of the disease in the US. I like to see if he’s right or wrong. For the most part, he’s been right. Except when it comes to Tennessee.

I think there is something fishy going on with our numbers. When we should have been seeing new cases by the hundreds, Saturday they only reported about a hundred and Sunday as of 3pm, they were only reporting one case. ONE CASE! And I call bullshit.

I was in the grocery stores all weekend long Instacart-ing for people and the grocery stores were packed. Especially the Krogers. There was not even the possibility for physical distancing. There were so many people inside there were almost no carts. It’s like they people were getting ready for a blizzard. Which leads me to the question: WHY ISN’T SOMEONE REGULATING THE POPULATION GOING IN AND OUT OF THE GROCERY STORES? ONE OUT. ONE IN.  I mean, bars do it all the time when there is a fire hazard’s worth of people. Grocery stores should do it too, now, when there is a COVID-19 breakout’s worth of people. But I digress….

My point is, with  (/the way people in Tennessee have pretty much ignored the “social distancing” order that was put into place, there is no way in hell that our numbers are dropping. Not that drastically.

Maybe they just don’t report accurately on the weekends, that has seemed to be a trend, but even last weekend they reported believable numbers.

So now I will be obsessively watching Tennessee cases today on worldometer to see if we have caught up to where we (my guy, really) have predicted Tennessee should be on the Covidsphere.

By the end of the day (Sunday), they were only reporting a little over 300 cases. I’m thinking that by the end of today, the numbers will be excessively high…. Or they won’t be because the governor has realized that he fucked up by encouraging people to “pray it away” and to “do the right thing” before finally telling people (ordering people) to stay in except for essential trips or to go to essential jobs. I hate to think that our state isn’t being honest about the numbers just to save face.

I’ll keep you posted on my not so scientific theory.

Is anyone else obsessing about their state and county numbers or is it just me?




  1. There was a recent article out about how China’s numbers were not accurate and probably should have been doubled: Same for Italy. I say the USA is the absolute worse because very few people are being tested at all so imagine how many actual cases there are positive but we will never know because NO ONE IS BEING TESTED. Stores abound about people having doctor’s orders to test but when they arrive at the testing areas, they are refused testing because the testers don’t deem them ‘sick enough’. Too many of those stores to not be true! This government is pathetic and keeping those numbers LOOKING low means their minions believe that it’s all under control. Smarter people know better!


  2. I read an article about how China was giving test kits to the world with too many false negatives. Tennessee might’ve been using those or other factors – my SiL was talking about two how some shifts of co-workers were more fastidious about some things than others. Maybe the weekend crews weren’t as good at testing/reporting. Everyone on the front line is tired, I’m not surprised that reporting is off.

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