A Valuable Lesson

I do my best self destruction in the winter. I try to keep myself occupied and happy-ish by any means necessary. I always fail because I usually turn to other people to entertain me and keep my mind off my inconceivable sadness. And every year I tell myself I’m not going to do it. I […]

A Hiatus

I’m taking a break from blogging. You are probably saying, “no shit, we can tell.” But I just wanted to tell you, the faithful readers, why. I have found myself in one of the darkest spaces I have ever been in. Not suicidal or anything like that, just always on the verge of tears and […]

My Pleasure…Check!

I had to work late today. So, of course, when kiddo asked me to pick something up on the way home, I asked, “what.” His answer, “real food.” In Melspeak, “real food” means not snack food, not healthy food, not food that has to be cooked. Fast food. Nine times out of 10 chicken. He […]

Almost a Man

My youngest kid turned 17 today. He’s one year away from “legally” becoming a man. And I’m one year away from not having to “parent” anymore. Today, I was in full parent mode. On his birthday, his English teacher decided to call me to tell me that my perfect child has been sleeping in his […]