And Then I Got A Job

Apologies for the late blog. Hopefully nobody was going through a Roulette Weekend withdrawal. I’m sure you were fine. There’s a perfectly good reason why there was not a blog posted by midnight as usual… .sleep.  I needed sleep. According to my new phone app I’m 23.76 hours deficient in sleep this week. I don’t […]

The New (old) Me

Started my day off on a positive note. I took Mel to school and then went for a run. Well, more like a rawk.. (half run, half walk), but thirty minutes of exercise is thirty minutes of exercise. Especially since I’ve been doing nothing but sitting on my ass writing for the last six months. […]

My Porn Star Crush ***

I know it’s not often that women readily admit to watching porn (because it’s supposedly degrading to us and leads to the devil and all that).  I’m one of those women who doesn’t really watch it or enjoy it…. well, I used to be one of those women, but lately, I have watched my fair […]

Quality Over Quantity

I spent the weekend babysitting again. I really love my friend. I must. Because I can literally only think of a handful of people who I would spend the weekend babysitting for versus writing or drinking or just being alone in the peace and quiet of my own house. Seriously, you never know how much […]

Short Drive, Long Thoughts

I took a little trip to Chattanooga this morning. The drive there was longer than the amount of time I stayed. It was a short sweet visit to hear inspirational speaking and meet a couple of the guys I write for, who incidentally turned out to be awesome and thinking the same thing as me. […]

Good Day Bad Day….

I seriously don’t know how people celebrate their birthday all month…. or even all week. I am worn the fuck out from yesterday.  I didn’t even do much. But I did more than I usually do and it was tiring. I woke up. Attempted to write. Failed. Got online an made a live video for […]

It’s My Birthday

I’m 42 today. It’s funny because I still feel like I’m in my 20’s. Maybe because I act like a child at times and I still don’t have my shit together. Actually, I know twenty year olds who have their shit more together than I do. I gave birth to two of them. So I […]