The Great Hambino

I decided not to dwell on my shortcomings on my 29th-ish birthday. Instead I decided not to dwell at all and just be. I worked all day. Boss man sent me a pizza for lunch, went to eat (and drink) with bestie and got to get a pig who I’ve named the Great Hambino because […]

Fuck Birthdays

Birthdays are supposed to be a happy time. You’re a year older. A year wiser. A year closer to driving. Or drinking. Or graduating. Or death.  I find birthdays to be an annual reminder of all the things I still haven’t accomplished. A review of my failures if you will. And every year I say […]

Freshly Clipped Wings

I’ve fallen into another psychological rut. I don’t want to go to work tomorrow. I don’t want to call in sick. I just want to not go. I had made up my mind to go in on Saturday and get ahead on a few things so I wouldn’t feel behind on Monday. But before I […]