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The main thing most of us struggle with when trying to make a change is consistency!

It’s easy to start, but it’s just as easy to stop. The hard part is remaining consistent.


The game-changer for me and how I’ve stayed consistent in my own journey is by having accountability to something bigger than myself.  Leaning into a community was the missing link in my journey and I’m not alone in this. A LOT of people say that’s what was missing for them too!

So, What Is It?

Our accountability group is a space where we each get to bring our own personalities, dreams, goals, ideas, successes…all of it!  YOU are empowered to be YOU. 

We connect, check in, and track our workouts/nutrition/mindset and just cheer for each other on a daily basis!

THIS is the missing key! The more you LEAN IN to this space, the better your results will be.

It’s a judgement free zone.  We are each on our own journeys.  Going at our own pace.  And accomplishing our own unique goals.  There is no need for comparison or judgement or competition.   

We use Beachbody On Demand to stream our workouts and what’s amazing about BOD is it’s basically the “Netflix of Fitness”!  Your subscription includes access to ALL of Beachbody’s workout programs and meal plans!  So your journey can continue past this initial month.  Plus, when you join with any link below, you get to join ME in our own accountability group!

Let’s Get Started

Below each picture is a brief description of some of our offerings. Simply click on the picture of the option that you are interested in learning more about!

If you are ready to get started, amazing! You can complete your purchase.  If you have some more questions for me or are looking for something specific, go ahead and send me a message. 

I’m Here to Help!

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It’s hard to know where to start and what you might need and how to fit it into your budget. There are LOTS of choices that will help get you started. If you want to talk about options other than the ones listed, click the contact button below. We can email, have a phone call, a zoom meeting, whatever YOU want!