Quality Over Quantity

I spent the weekend babysitting again. I really love my friend. I must. Because I can literally only think of a handful of people who I would spend the weekend babysitting for versus writing or drinking or just being alone in the peace and quiet of my own house. Seriously, you never know how much […]

Short Drive, Long Thoughts

I took a little trip to Chattanooga this morning. The drive there was longer than the amount of time I stayed. It was a short sweet visit to hear inspirational speaking and meet a couple of the guys I write for, who incidentally turned out to be awesome and thinking the same thing as me. […]

From Migraine to Memory Lane

Woke up this morning with a hella headache. At first I thought it was from the birthday vodka. So I did what I usually do when nursing a hangover headache. I drank some electrolyte water, took a handful of headache medicine, ate a bagel, and went back to bed. I woke up feeling worse than […]

Good Day Bad Day….

I seriously don’t know how people celebrate their birthday all month…. or even all week. I am worn the fuck out from yesterday.  I didn’t even do much. But I did more than I usually do and it was tiring. I woke up. Attempted to write. Failed. Got online an made a live video for […]

It’s My Birthday

I’m 42 today. It’s funny because I still feel like I’m in my 20’s. Maybe because I act like a child at times and I still don’t have my shit together. Actually, I know twenty year olds who have their shit more together than I do. I gave birth to two of them. So I […]