Finding More Happy

I never really sit and think about my past. It might be because I don’t remember my actual past. But I never sit and think about the “what-ifs” of my life. I know that a lot of people reminisce about the good ole days or it would have been so much different if I had […]

Back-ish from the Dead

I wrote yesterdays blog, days ago. It was supposed to post Friday, but I wasn’t ready to post it because I like to have 100% closure. Somebody ghosting me doesn’t really give me that. So I moved the blog forward on the schedule to yesterday because I couldn’t figure out how to unschedule it. You’d […]

Death of a Salesman

So I mentioned yesterday in my not so subtle rant that Flea Market Guy and I are pretty much done or may be. I’m not so sure what happened. He went out of town on a sales trip. In the midst of his trip, I found out he was still online dating because I asked […]

Phil and that Pesky Neighbor

The neighbor¬†came by Monday night to check his groundhog trap. I’m not sure if he thought the groundhog was magical or if he assumed someone let Phil out.¬† But he reset the trap with extra food inside. It looked like a pretty amazing salad he put in there, so I’ve been nervous all day to […]