Buckle Up, Buttercup

Every time we are in the car, Mel says, “Mom, can I drive.” And I always say, “nope, not til you get your permit.” Because I’m super responsible, right? One day, I took him to the park across from our house. It’s basically a huge parking lot where they have the fair and overflow parking for […]

Probation, Deferment, and my Grounding

Well, court happened today. It was not unlike walking into an alternate universe from the last time we were there. Originally, the lawyer was kind of cocky and the judge was less than pleasant. I guess that happens when you see a certain “type” of person all day, every day. It probably is truly hard […]

The Long Weekend

I pretty much started my weekend on Thursday night this week. Which is odd, because I normally don’t even celebrate the weekends. They are non existent except for brunch at the Tomato Head, which signifies all things weekend. However, a friend called and needed a ride from a bar so, in my pajamas (black yoga […]

Picky Panhandlers

I had really good weekend. It was full of adventures and friends. I’ll probably touch on that tomorrow or later in the week. I’m pretty sure I had enough experiences this weekend to fill up the whole week with blogs, but one thing in particular happened this weekend, today actually, that caused me quite a […]

Saturday’s Deep Thoughts

After I posted the blog about my perpetual happiness a lot of my friends commented that they had never seen me cry. Not just new friends either. Friends who have known me for ten plus years. I know that I have cried buckets over the last ten years, but crying, like everything else is an out […]

Mom Beyond the Grave

I logged on to my Google account the other day. I was looking to edit some of the personal information, or at least update it. Ok, I’m not going to lie, I was looking to see if there was an occupation listing or a title to put under my name. I was thinking something along […]