There was a Wedding

We peeled out of Knoxville at 7 am yesterday to head to Charleston, SC. One of my best friend’s daughter was getting married. The smallest of small weddings and I was the officiant. I married those two and another couple, on the beach in a quick, but pretty amazing little ceremony. Not amazing because I […]

Mommy Can’t be a Prostitute (Yet)

So it seems my days of ghostwriting are coming to an end. Well, ghostwriting for my one major client. Not necessarily ghostwriting in general. I got a phone call today that my services will no longer be in the budget after this month. And here’s the funny thing about it all. When I was given […]


I made it home. Dayton isn’t really that far from Knoxville. It’s about a 4.5-hour drive. Somehow I usually manage to make it a 6-hour drive. But this trip, I didn’t get abducted by aliens at all (which is usually my excuse for arriving over an hour late).  It was a great day for a […]

Homeward Bound

I’ve officially been in Dayton for 2 weeks. I’ll be leaving today (or tomorrow) and heading home. I finished my daughter (not so) surprise fence. The great thing about doing manual labor here is that they are so prepared. They have all the tools you need to build just about anything. I stressed out all […]

Why It’s Healthy to Be Alone

I recently saw a Facebook friend post a status about people not liking to do the same things he likes to do. Which ultimately led to him commenting that he is never alone and when he said it, I thought, “how sad.” I know that it is human nature to want to be with people, […]

Weekend Writing

It’s a good thing I’m writing this for me and not for the readers because I literally get less than 20 hits on the weekend. Seriously, does nobody poop on Saturday and Sunday? Because that’s usually where I imagine everyone is sitting when they read my blog. I mean, I try to be considerate and […]