Back-ish from the Dead

I wrote yesterdays blog, days ago. It was supposed to post Friday, but I wasn’t ready to post it because I like to have 100% closure. Somebody ghosting me doesn’t really give me that. So I moved the blog forward on the schedule to yesterday because I couldn’t figure out how to unschedule it. You’d […]

Death of a Salesman

So I mentioned yesterday in my not so subtle rant that Flea Market Guy and I are pretty much done or may be. I’m not so sure what happened. He went out of town on a sales trip. In the midst of his trip, I found out he was still online dating because I asked […]

Phil and that Pesky Neighbor

The neighbor¬†came by Monday night to check his groundhog trap. I’m not sure if he thought the groundhog was magical or if he assumed someone let Phil out.¬† But he reset the trap with extra food inside. It looked like a pretty amazing salad he put in there, so I’ve been nervous all day to […]

The Other Phil

I’m not sure if I ever mentioned my dickhole neighbor. I’m sure I have. He’s not really my neighbor. He owns a vacant house across the street from me. He’s been working on the house and every time he has garbage from the house he politely walks it across the street into the vacant lot […]

Pothole City

Tennessee. The land of summer temps on Tuesday and snow on Wednesday. I remember when I lived in Pennsylvania. I think they called it the pothole capital of the world. I could be wrong. I do believe that Knoxville has earned that title this year. I have hit so many potholes in the last 3 […]