All in the Game

Mel had surgery today. He fell while playing basketball and broke his wrist. I should have known immediately that it was broken by the eerily calm voice he had when he called me. By the second call, he thought it was broken. By the third call (in three minutes), I knew it was broken. I […]

Winter Rears Its Ugly Head in My Head

A week go today I woke up in Vegas. I had a great weekend there and then I got home to reality. Which is usually what happens when you go anywhere that is not your usual daily routine. It was cold-ish in Vegas, but only in the morning. Other than that, the weather was perfect […]

The Winter Blues are Real (and Here)

It’s been five days since I posted. I usually try to post every day unless I’m in some weird negative space. Which is exactly where I’ve been. Thanksgiving came and went. Thank God! It was a disaster. As I assumed it would probably be. Between my family making a joke out of the fact that […]

Thanksgiving 2017

Happy Thanksgiving. If you celebrate, may your day be filled with laughter and good times. If you don’t celebrate, may your day still be filled with laughter and good times. Like I said the other day. I’m on the fence with the whole Thanksgiving thing. Traditionally I like it because everyone gets together. But I […]

Christmas Spirit

Is it just me or is it starting to feel like Christmas early this year? It seems like I remember last year that all the way up until Christmas Eve people were dreading Christmas. They waited until the last possible minute to put the tree up and as soon as it was over, Christmas trees […]

Thanksgiving Resolutions

As Thanksgiving approaches, just about everywhere you look there are blog posts and Facebook posts of Thanksgiving recipes. There are “what are you thankful for?” posts. And those are all great, but for some, Thanksgiving is a time of great anxiety and great sadness. People have to go to family functions missing a loved one […]