Always moving on

I went to brunch at my favorite restaurant Sunday with one of my favorite people. We were catching up on life and love and the pursuit of happiness when she said that I haven’t been blogging much. I think that falls under all three of those former categories. Blogging makes me happy and blogging about […]

No More Married Men

I had my last hurrah with the married dude this weekend. I won’t be seeing him anymore. I don’t particularly like playing second fiddle. And I really don’t like standing still. Although, I do realize that I have a tendency to stay in relationships that don’t go anywhere, it’s different than being in one that […]

Nice Girls Finish Last

I think I finally have my life back to some semblance of order. My heartbreak over putting the dog to sleep has passed. Over the last week or so, I keep walking into the house and feel like something is missing. But it’s just her missing from the couch. But I don’t feel bad anymore. […]