The Latest Creation – Unapologetic Poetry

Journals & Personal Development for Adults

These “grown up” mindfulness planners were created to help you balance work, personal and self care. The last one~ self care~ often being forgotten. They include inspirational quotes, writing prompts, to do lists, and more. Specially designed for procrastinators and those with good intentions who try to use a daily planner but let life get in the way. The pages aren’t dated so you won’t be skipping any pages if you decide to quit journaling, put the to do list down or suffer from illnesses that require you to rest for days or weeks at a time.

This book will be there when you need it without the guilt of “quitting” and coming back to it later. With 4 different pop art covers, there is sure to be one that suits your wild side. Books do not come with a title or an author on the cover because privacy is important when keeping your life all in one place.

Journals & Personal Development For Tweens & Teens

This mindfulness planner for tweens and teens was created to give young people an outlet to express their creativity while helping them to navigate the waters of growing up. Filled with inspirational daily quotes, a gratitude box, an agenda to write homework and extra curricular obligations, and daily journal prompts and self care tips to teach coping and self regulation skills & coloring spaces for self soothing. An all in one place to help your teen figure out who they are and what they stand for ~ alone or with your help.


It’s Going To Be OK: A Nontraditional Professional’s Quick Guide to Parenting

An honest and lighthearted look at parenting. Mostly geared toward younger moms, but inclusive enough that any first time mom can relate.