Until I Change My Mind Again

I rarely go back and read any of the blogs that I’ve written. Mostly because I write them in the moment. Just like this one. So I don’t feel the need to go back and rehash the emotions I was having at the moment of writing. I imagine the last few blogs were about Flea […]

Vegan Fest & Terrible Cooking

I took a short road trip with the girls this weekend to Asheville, NC to go to Vegan Fest. I’m not vegan. I’m mostly vegetarian, but for this month, I’ve been trying to do the vegan thing, because I’m trying to shed some pounds before I dip out in mid-July to go on a cruise. […]

No More Dipsticks for Me

I got a new car about a month ago. It kind of fell into my lap and my car was on it’s last leg so I was grateful to get it. The guy who owned the car before me is a total dickhole, though. So I wasn’t super thrilled to be driving his car even […]

Therapeutic Unresolve

Flea Market Guy and I went to therapy today. Well, he came to my therapy session upon the request of my therapist. I guess she wanted to know about this guy I’m blindly and stupidly head over heels for. We talked for the whole hour. He did a lot of the talking and she talked […]

Couples Counseling is Not Marriage Counseling

My therapist asked me last week if Flea Market guy and I would consider couples therapy. I always had a picture in my mind that couples therapy was really marriage therapy. And since we aren’t married, it seemed like a foreign concept to me. We got on the topic because she asked me how satisfied […]

The Big Break

I guess it’s safe to say I took a break from writing. Whenever I’m mentally in a weird place, I pull away from the keyboard in an effort to not add anymore negativity in the world. But a lot has happened since I left. I’m still seeing Flea Market Guy most days. We have an […]