My Job is Ending

Parenting is a funny job. When your kids are young (especially if you are young too), you spend a lot of time worrying about all the things that could possibly go wrong. You wake up in the middle of the night to make sure you can see your baby’s little back or chest rising and […]

P.S. I love you.

My brother sent me some money via PayPal last night with a text message that said: “write.” And then I got a phone call from him, He was worried about me because I hadn’t blogged in a while. When I picked up the phone, he said, “are you ok? It’s not like you to not […]

The Winter Blues are Real (and Here)

It’s been five days since I posted. I usually try to post every day unless I’m in some weird negative space. Which is exactly where I’ve been. Thanksgiving came and went. Thank God! It was a disaster. As I assumed it would probably be. Between my family making a joke out of the fact that […]

My Real Job

I got into it with a friend the other day. The story is rather long, but I’ll give you the Cliff’s notes cheat sheet version. My friend asked me to meet him out at a restaurant. He said he wanted to introduce me to someone. I like meeting people. And like I said yesterday, I’m […]


My friend Crystal is always trying to therapy me. But I think I’m getting ready to go see a therapist for real. I am having major issues with my mom. Not obvious issues. It’s all in my head. Well, in my stomach. She has a head injury. I think she got it about 25 years […]

Ask Roulette

Welcome to Ask Roulette. A different kind of advice column. All questions can be submitted via the Facebook page or Here!! Ask away…. This is for entertainment purposes only. All advice received should be recognized as unprofessional advice fro a professional smart-ass. Also, sex questions pretty much make it to the top. Would you expect anything less? Dear […]

It’s Not a Mirage

According to WordPress, it’s only been 18 days since my last blog. It seems like a lifetime has passed since then. It’s not that I haven’t wanted to blog. I have. And it wasn’t that I stopped writing. I didn’t. I’ve just been writing elsewhere. So I guess those of you who were keeping up […]