To Infiniti and Beyond

I bought my kid a car. It’s a 1999 Infiniti i30. It’s nothing fancy, but it’s not quite the beater car that I thought I was going to end up getting him. It’s a cute little car, with a sunroof and a couple dings in it. He didn’t know I was car shopping for him. […]

A Little Time Goes a Long Way

I know I’ve mentioned my daycare babies a time or two. But instead of making you search back in the archives to find it (because I couldn’t) I’ll just remind you. I used to work at a daycare when my kids were younger. It was a great way to make money and spend time with […]

No Perfect Parents (Part 1)

I take great pride in my parenting. I just published a little lighthearted encouraging book about parenting called It’s Going to be OK. But life rarely allows us to be on our cloud for long before it smacks the shit out of us and lands us back on the solid ground of reality. I was traveling […]