My Valentine

Valentine’s day was last week. Everybody was rushing to the store to buy flowers and chocolate and jewelry and pregnancy tests for the one they love. Well, maybe the pregnancy tests will be bought 4-6 weeks from now. But love was in the air. Even for Flea Market guy. He went as far as to […]

Weekend Writing

It’s a good thing I’m writing this for me and not for the readers because I literally get less than 20 hits on the weekend. Seriously, does nobody poop on Saturday and Sunday? Because that’s usually where I imagine everyone is sitting when they read my blog. I mean, I try to be considerate and […]

My Character Flaw

I’ve always been curious about what makes people tick. And what makes me tick. I’m a huge fan of self-reflection and also getting to the meat of the matter. So it should come as no shock that I couldn’t just let the shit go with Flea Market Guy. I know I said yesterday was the […]

Saturday Sap

Flea Market Guy has been out of town for a week now with work. A business week. 5 days. The last time I saw his face in person was Sunday night. He left Monday. And it’s been awful and amazing at the same time. Awful because we are in our new phase where I want […]

Circle of Influence

I read somewhere once that you should have friends much younger than you and much older than you, friends from different countries, friends from different socioeconomic backgrounds, etc. And, to me, it was a no-brainer. I mean, why wouldn’t you want your circle to be large, eclectic, and diverse? I have facebook friends in Africa, […]

Over and Done 

I don’t think it will matter how long I live. I don’t think I will ever be able to understand people.  Historically speaking, I’ve always been too nice. I see the best in people. I do more for people than they ever do in return for me and I never expect anything in return, not […]