Relationships are Like Karma

I ditched the blog yesterday for a “me” day. It wasn’t intentional. I kept meaning to get to it, but then I just kept finding other things to do…. like work, dishes, sweeping the floor, oh, and daydreaming about Flea Market Guy. Not that I have to daydream too much because he’s more like a dream […]

The Universe and Me

I’ve been staring at this blank blog screen for a while determined to come up with some flashback Friday blog. But as luck would have it, my memory is escaping me and I can’t think of anything from the past. As far back as I can go right now is to yesterday. Which was an […]

Teenager for a Day

I finally saw a glimpse of what it was like to have a teenager for a day. Mel, my 15 year old son, had to wake up to go to the class that was deemed necessary after his little run in with the law . He had stayed up too late and he was tired. Hell, […]

I Smell Like Roses Again

I had an uneventful eventful day yesterday. I went to work, did more painting in the room that will eventually be my office if the walls stop drinking the paint, and came home. About an hour after I got home, my boss(es) came by and gave me a car. Not a matchbox car. A real […]