The Secret Not for Your Eyes

My 22-year old daughter is an avid reader. And a big supporter of me most of the time. Until she comes to the blog and reads about her mom giving a blow job or having numerous sex partners. And then she’s mortified or shaking her head or throwing up. I’m not actually sure what happens because she lives a few hundred miles away and she never takes a photo of her face post-blog reading. So we talked yesterday and she asked for fair warning before reading a blog that is going to make her shake her head in disgust or possibly realize she is her mother’s daughter (minus the blow jobs and multiple sex partners). So we came up with a secret code that says to my daughter, “STOP! STOP RIGHT THERE! DO NOT READ THIS! YOU WILL REGRET IT!” But to everyone else, it will hopefully be very subtle. We agreed on an asterisk (*) beside the title so she will know not to open that blog and read it under any circumstances because it may ruin her life or what little positive perception she has left of me after accidentally reading the last few traumatic blogs. But you should definitely read it because, chances are,  you will most likely really enjoy it because it is probably really juicy and possibly incriminating.

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