Go to Hell, John!

So as you may or may not know, I gave Kymani Marley my phone number when I met him on a cruise in December. I was positive I was going to meet him one day and 4 years later, I did. He was actually the only reason I went on the cruise, but I blew my chance because of sweat and sunblock. I tell you all about it in my next work of not-so-much fiction called The Unboyfriend.  Maybe I’ll post that chapter here. It’s kind of long. Anyway,  I was positive he was going to call me and three months later, he did.
I was sitting around at home minding my own business and my phone rang. I pretty much save everybody’s number so I know when and when not to answer. I know!! It is super smart. So this number comes up, 813-882-6582. After gasping, and feeling my heart flutter because I know it’s him, I answer in my sweetest I-want-to-have-your- babies voice,  “Hello.”

And it’s John WhoGivesADamn from Florida trying to sell me a timeshare. And the let down was severe. I almost threw my phone. I was yelling and cussing at him and he was a prerecorded message. And then he called again a week later, but I knew who it was and I answered anyway, you know,  just in case.  Then he called today and I had forgotten the number and was a tad excited again and held my breath again and felt my heart flutter again until I answered. “Damn you, John!!” I wanted to say more but I was at work. Yes, I stopped working to illegally answer a call because you don’t send Kymani Marley to voicemail. And I have to answer every unknown Florida number because I don’t know what number Kymani will be calling from either. I just know he will and  I really hope it’s not a 813 number and I hope I don’t answer the phone “Seriously, John! What the Fuck?!”  And Kymani will hang up in fear and I will ruin my second chance too!!

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