A Cinderella Day

Today was an odd day. It started like any other Thursday, but ended like a Disney movie or should I say, at a Disney movie. It was both.  I had been giddy for a day or two because I had been texting with TK the DJ, but it became glaringly clear that he was really only in it for the moment or the sex. He wasn’t in it for me. He’s just another 10 O’clock man. So, I’m letting it go.

I think I mentioned the other day, that I met a man the old fashioned way, in person, at work. It’s not like I just met him the other day. He’s a regular customer. We’ll call him Derek, because that’s his real name and a nickname just won’t do.  He has been coming in since I started working there last November, but we finally exchanged numbers the other day and he’s been texting me. My co-worker says it’ll never work out because he’s too nice and there’s no way I would like anyone she approves of. But, my way of doing things hasn’t been working so I ventured out of my comfort zone and gave a nice guy a chance. If I was building my ideal man, physically I might make a change or two, but that’s only because he’s a tad shorter than me, but in every other way, he seems perfect. It could be partly because he’s not American. And foreign guys always seem nicer to me, but maybe I’m bias?

I was out and about paying bills today and he offered to give me a ride because it was rainy. I was almost done with my errands and told him that I didn’t really need a ride, but we could hang out if he wanted. I was off yesterday and we had kind of made loose plans to go to the farmer’s market, but I mowed my grass instead and then took a long nap and didn’t want to put on shoes or leave the house. So I didn’t, but today, I had some time before work and I figured I should at least offer. I didn’t know if he would be busy or have time, but he wasn’t. He came and picked me up and we went to eat at Chipotle. The furthest Chipotle around. It was like we drove for 500 miles to get a burrito bowl, but it was cool, because he’s interesting. He’s smart and well read and well traveled and cultured and he thinks I’m amazing. Not like any of the men I’ve ever dated before. I always say I don’t have a type, but I do gravitate towards a certain type and this guy is opposite that type. This guy takes that type and smashes it into little bitty pieces.

We spent a couple hours together and then he dropped me off at home so I could rest up before work. I laid down for a few minutes but then I was so tired I was afraid I would sleep through my alarm so I just got up and got ready for work. I was headed to the bus and he sent me a message and asked if I wanted a ride to work. I don’t think he lives very far from me. Or he’s a creepy stalker who was circling the block. Either way, he was there relatively quick and gave me a ride to work. I ended up being early so we sat in his car and talked for a few minutes before I had to go in. We sent a message or two while I was working but I was pretty busy tonight and was trying to avert a disaster so I didn’t have much time to respond.

When closing time rolled around, we had about 10 minutes to go and three or four customers still in the store, when his familiar face walks in to make a last minute purchase of things he probably didn’t even need, but he wanted to give me a ride home. Even though as I write this, I’m thinking, normally I would find that kind of popping up uninviting, but he’s not a bit creepy so I’m giving it a pass.  He drove me home and we sat outside talking for a few minutes. It was a little after nine at that point and I don’t know how we got on the subject of movies, but I mentioned that I wanted to see the Jungle Book and he says, “If you’re not too tired, let’s go.” Of course I was pretty tired, but I don’t have to be to work until later in the day so I can sleep in, plus how often does a good looking, super nice guy come along and want to willingly go watch a Disney movie with you? Exactly! Never. So I ran in the house, changed out of my uniform and put on some regular clothes and we went to see the Jungle Book.

P.S. It was as good as I remember it being in my childhood. I was like a child watching it.

He was sweet in the movie and he held my hand and rubbed my arm and never tried to go any further. Not that I would have had sex in a Disney movie even though there weren’t very many people there, but the point is, he didn’t try and lately the only men I’ve been out with are men who would have definitely tried if I could have talked the into taking me to a movie at all. We left the movie theatre and he brought me home. He didn’t try to get me to invite him in. He didn’t try to get me to go to his place. He thanked me repeatedly all day for taking the time to spend some time with him. And he showered me with compliments that were genuine, not the compliments that people give when they are trying to get something in return. I was walking in the door as the clock struck twelve, just like a Disney princess.  And as I’m getting ready to go to sleep, I’m still grinning like a crazy person because I could not have planned a better day if I tried. I guess there’s something to be said about spontaneity. And about trusting in the universe.

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