Tell Me I Can’t and I Will

I took a day off from the blog yesterday. Sorry to those of you who looked for it and couldn’t find it and were filled with disappointment, contempt and disgust for me. Just kidding. I know you all are too awesome for that. I had a hundred things in my head to write about yesterday but as the day wore on and the events of it made me tired, I decided in favor of sleep over blogs. Then I woke up riddled with guilt, no, panic, that it was Wednesday and there was no blog. But I quickly got over it because it was actually Thursday and I must be very tired this week and losing track of the days. Not that my new job is really labor intensive. Not yet anyway. I’m working on it though. I don’t mind being in the office. I like it a lot actually, but what these guys do is an art and I am an artist so I want to learn. Even if it is on the side. It’s amazing to see a huge slab of rock go from being just that to becoming an amazing kitchen counter or bathroom vanity or an island. And it goes from being rough to smooth and dull to shiny. It’s like magic and I want to learn. Even if I never actually do anything with it, I would be content just knowing how the whole process works. I don’t care if it’s in the form of a paperweight on my desk, I just want to see a beautiful granite something and know that I made it. I did get to go on an install today with my friend who got me the job. I wasn’t any help though really aside from fetching things from the car. So actually I probably was a little help because it saved him from having to walk up and down two flights of stairs over and over. I got a great workout. I can totally skip the gym today, thank goodness. And by that, I mean, if I ever went to the gym, I could skip it today, but I don’t, so we’re good here. Anyway, it was cool to see how a little preparation goes a long way. He made it look so easy that by time we left, I was telling him, “I could definitely install vanities.” He’s the one that told me I couldn’t install because I’m not strong enough and I will admit that it may be a tad more strenuous for me than for the guys but I’m a fan of hard labor. I don’t know why. I just like it. It makes me feel like I’m being useful. I feel like anyone can do paperwork, but not every one can do hard laborious work. And by that I’m being sexist. I feel like every woman can do paperwork and I like being a woman who can do a “man’s” work. I have always been like that. Tell me I can’t and I will. Either way, I’m going to learn a new skill that may or may not benefit me in the long run. Maybe I will never actually be able to install a kitchen countertop on my own, but I can have fun trying.

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