YouTube Beware!

In the midst of a conversation with my BFFs the other day, one of them mentioned that I should just go ahead and start a YouTube channel. We were talking about the erotica that I had recently started working on so I immediately thought she meant that I should start an erotica channel which translated in my mind to “you should have your own porn site.” That’s not what she meant. She meant that I could use it for “sharing poems, recipes, reviews of random stuff, and the occasional lip sync, etc.” Ya’ll know how I love a good lip sync every now and then. And if you don’t, well now you do. Add to that list, the occasional drunken karaoke and you pretty much have the basic ingredients of what it takes to entertain me.

In my head, I like to think that I am super duper entertaining, but I don’t think making jokes to yourself and then laughing hysterically for five minutes really counts, but I am currently taking all suggestions about what it is I should do with my life, so I haven’t actually completely decided against the YouTube channel. I do always think of my kids before making a decision like that though, because ultimately, they will suffer the consequences of their demented mother’s life choices.

For instance, what happens when I run into some guy at the grocery store while I’m shopping with my kid and he says, “hey, you’re that mom from the internet who told her kid that if his dick wasn’t big enough to fit into a magnum condom, then he shouldn’t be having sex.” And then my kid would be all like, “mom! You put our sex talk online? Have you no scruples?” (not that my kid would probably ever use the word scruples, but you get my point, right?).

What if the YouTube thing is an excellent idea. What if I am that entertaining that I could be famous? What if my fame comes at the expense of utterly embarrassing my children? Is it worth it? (this is where the little voice in my head kicks in and says, “is embarrassing your children worth it? Fuck Yea! Put that in your Joy of Parenting book!”).

So anyway, maybe I will start a YouTube channel. Actually, I don’t really have to start one, because I  already have one. I guess I would just have to revamp it or reintroduce it or have some grand re-opening celebration like those furniture stores do when they want to put up those red and white plastic flags and tie balloons to everything. Either way, I’m currently kicking that around the office in my head. I’ll keep you posted… maybe with a video.

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