Put the High Fives on Hold

Remember yesterday, when we were all so proud of my kid for being an entrepreneur? We can temporarily stop the high fives He’s suspended AGAIN! Not for peddling candy. He’s suspended for “accidentally” skipping a marketing class that he hates. This is the second time he’s been suspended because of this class. At first, I thought it was the class. It’s all upperclassmen, the work is too hard, he’s intimidated to participate, etc., etc.  Now, I think my kid is just a.) acting like a little fucking jerk and b.) has devised a way to beat the system.

A. Why He’s Acting Like a Jerk

His principal tried to talk to him about the class and about how he can bring his grade up. She even offered to have one of the “A” students come to In School Suspension and help him get caught up. He declined. He said he didn’t want help from one of them. He didn’t want to be friends with them, he didn’t want to get to know them, and probably a little more waah, waah, waaahing.

So I’m no longer a sympathizer to his marketing plight.

B. How He’s Milking the System

Skipping class is a “serious offense” according to the school. They take it seriously. They punish accordingly. If you skip a class, you get ISS, in school suspension, for 2 days. If you refuse in school suspension, you get OSS, out of school suspension, for those two days. Mel is borderline truant. He HATES school. So now, I think he’s figured out he can do a little offense such as taking the “wrong” lunch and missing part of a class, which will be considered skipping, he can then refuse the ISS, take the OSS, and still get to be out of school without the “truancy” issue.

I’m somewhat at a loss of how to deal with it because I really hate the idea of ISS. I even asked if he could go to the library and read or help the janitor clean bathrooms all day instead of this loophole, but the answer is, “that’s not how we do things here.” Obviously. So now, I have a kid out of school for two days messing up my schedule.

The Outcome

We’ve had a talk and he has promised that he is done with his shenanigans and he is going to put forth an effort in the class, because with school, and life, we all have to do our fair share of things we hate and our fair share of working with people who have no fucking sense, until we either find something else to do (that we most likely will end up hating) or just completely go postal and lose our shit in public. Either way, it’s never a pretty sight, but the universe is not set up to be a perfect place. And, quite frankly, I’m not set up to coddle a kid who is acting like a disrespectful, spoiled fucking brat just because he doesn’t like a class. I mean, seriously, get over it, bub. There’s like two months of school left. This is not forever.

So while he puts his big boy pants on and just deals with it, I’m going to be putting my foot down and attempting to give him an attitude adjustment, because I’m just not used to having to deal with a kid who acts like this, at least not for too long.



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