The Great (Toothbrush) Debate

To share or not to share? I overheard a conversation about this the other day while eating lunch all by my lonesome (yes, I eavesdrop when I’m alone, sue me). I guess it’s a pretty simple answer to the unlikely question “is it ok to share my toothbrush?” I know, I know. It’s pretty darn disgusting when you think about it. And all the research points to “NO! NO! A thousand times NO!” I get it. I really do, but sometimes, convenience wins. For instance, hypothetically speaking, if I had a toothbrush at my guy’s house, and I don’t mean any fly by night, one night stand kind of guy, I mean a guy I was in a committed relationship with, and I was, say, in the shower and his toothbrush was in there while mine (yes, I would have one there because we are committed) was in the other bathroom, I would definitely use his. I know it’s not “sanitary,” and we shouldn’t be sharing our “germs,” but I kind of feel like, at that point, the germ sharing ship would have sailed. I mean, after all, when you love someone you eat after them, drink after them, sit on the toilet after them. On  a really drunken night, you might even help them go to the bathroom or maybe on a not so drunken night just for fun, and of course there’s those rolls in the hay and the swapping of all of those delicious bodily fluids, that, if I’m playing devil’s advocate, are way more likely to lead to hepatitis or some other blood born disease. So why not share a toothbrush on occasion? I don’t think it’s the nastiest thing a person could ever do. I actually have a tendency to brush my teeth in the shower. I keep my toothbrush in their and I have a friend who thinks that is super duper gross. It’s likely she would think using someone else’s toothbrush in the shower was doubly disgusting I think it’s fine. I guess everything is a matter of opinion when it comes right down to it anyway.  So to the toothbrush sharers of the world, I say, do what makes you happy and if that means using the same tool to sweep this afternoon’s lunch out of your teeth that your spouse used five minutes ago, that is entirely up to you, but when I put it that way, it does seem a tad nasty….

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