The Job or Lack Thereof (Part 2)

So as I was saying, I try to call my guy but he’s home in bed and his phone is off, because I know he’s not going for that shit and I’m sure that he will rearrange this guy’s face, friend or not, because he’s in love with me, not with this asshole, Troy. So apparently, when Troy left the shop, he went straight to my guy’s house to apologize TO HIM for disrespecting me. I would like to interject by saying, threatening to physically do harm to a woman is a little more than disrespectful, but maybe that’s just me. So after I talk to the owner, and after Troy talks to my guy, and after I leave for the day, everyone thinks that I am overreacting. And that we all need to sit down and have a couple drinks and work it out.

Well, FUCK YOU!!!

I don’t really have the sit down and work it out after you’ve called me names and threatened my life tool in my toolbox. And I understand the owner not doing anything, because he’s kind of a sensitive puss. And at the time, I even understood my guy not beating the fuck out of dude and asking me to help him dig a hole, because he was physically not able to really even get out of the bed and had been on major pain pills for a week,  what I did not understand is how this mother fucker was able to keep a job and I was the “guilty” one. “Well, you do have a tendency to bring that out in people.” REALLY? How? Oh, wait, I know. It’s because I have a brain AND a vagina. Those two things are not supposed to go together, it’s like a peanut butter and black bean sandwich. When the fuck does that ever happen, right?  So, needless to say, there were not drinks and no discussions. It was a lot of fuck you’s all the way around.

So, I didn’t go back. There were no apologies…..from anyone. My guy broke up with me, which was the most heartbreaking part of the situation. I’m sure my words made it easy for him. I felt like his neglect to defend me was basically the same as him saying those words to me and shaking his fists at me. Maybe I was being a little over-dramatic in that sense, but I do not feel like I was in any other aspect of that situation. Anyway, I felt like shit and I needed to do something to make me feel a little better about the situation.

So…… I took my business bank card (that had my name on it) and went to the ATM and withdrew $500. Then I went to Kroger and bought some Ben and Jerry’s with it and got out $100 more. And then the next day, I got $200 more. And then I stopped. I figured I would get my last paycheck, because I knew they weren’t going to give it to me, and then a couple more bucks for the pain and suffering of having to deal with that shit and all the shit I did for the company and all the hours I worked and all the time I gave up with my kid to try and get shit working there, it was the least they could do. Plus, the bank account had my name on it. I think I probably could have cleaned it out without much ado, but I’m not a complete asshole. I mean, every email address they have, except one, was set up by me and is linked to my personal account. I could have deleted them and then they would have been super fucked. I’m still an admin on the business Facebook page. I could have gotten on there and really done some damage. There’s actually a whole list of damage I could have done, and could still do,  if I was in the business of wrecking a business, but I’m a firm believer of Karma and all things coming around so I just got what was due me and washed my hands of the whole situation, because, like I just said, I’m a believer of Karma and all things coming around. So I’ve been home for the last three days, purging all things unnecessary from my life and I’m starting to feel a little better about lots of things, except for my guy, but I’ll work that out eventually….

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