Weeds and Painting….Done.

I finally got my room painted. The purple is awesome and I don’t have to change the color of the ceiling, thank goodness, the blue looks good. I got some glow in the dark paint to put on the ceiling too, because I wanted it to look like stars when the light goes off, but that plan was foiled when I opened up the can and the paint was green. I don’t know why I thought it was going to be clear. In my head it was going to look like water and I was going to be able to just willy nilly sling it up on the ceiling, but it’s whatever. I can get the little glow in the dark sticky stars to make my universe complete. Also, the bathroom color is not changing. If you remember from last blog, I was over the orange color, but Mel (my kid) likes the orange bathroom, so now I have a gallon of green that I have to use somewhere else. I guess it will go in the hallway.

I also had this big idea that I would super duper clean my house while I was not working, but I’ve been miserably distracted with the show Weeds on Netflix. I have literally done nothing but eat, lay around, and watch this show, aside from the occasional painting of a room and washing of laundry. Speaking of laundry, there was this guy at the laundrymat yesterday who was semi good looking and all kind of annoying. I don’t know why it is that the least brilliant of people always find it the most necessary to speak. I tuned him out when he got to the part where his woman better answer her phone the first time he calls or she better not get mad when he doesn’t call back any more for the day. He needs to know where she is at all times (eyeroll and a big middle finger to you, sir). Anyway, I finally got to the end of the last season of Weeds. And I have to say, I’m super relieved. It was really cutting in to the planned productivity I had in my head. So now that I know what happens with everyone and now that I’m past the weird seven year time jump that happened to get to the end, I’m ready to get back on with my life. Also, I’m working on a spectacular cleanse. Well, maybe it won’t be that spectacular, as most cleanses are  not, but I’ll tell you all about that tomorrow, because I’ve convinced myself that you do, in fact, want to know.

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