Little Too Much Smell Good

I spent a lot of time driving around yesterday. It was beautiful. You know those days where you go outside and the world is starting to smell more like honeysuckles and less like disappointment? Today was one of those days and I would love to tell you all I was out driving because I was looking for a job, but I just really can’t commit to that right now. I know, I ‘m going to have to do something, and I will. In just a few more days. That’s like the procrastinators creed,  isn’t it? “Wake up.” “Five more minutes.” ‘Really need to do this.” “I’ll work on it tomorrow.” Why do today what you can put off to tomorrow or beyond, right? But I will find something. I’m thinking about diving in head first to some secret shopper gigs, or trying to get a water aerobics instructor gig at the local YMCA, or maybe a prostitution gig (just kidding, guys, don’t get excited).  Anyway, I have committed to finding a thing or two to do, but I just haven’t been able to commit to looking for a 9-5 or an 8-4 or a 7-3. So I drove around today. It was sunny and the wind was blowing and it just felt good. Until later, when I had sunburn and what felt like the beginning of an ear infection, but at that moment, I enjoyed it.

One of the local street vendors  was out peddling his wares. Smell good. So, of course, I stopped. I was hoping for some essential oils like patchouli or lavender or tea tree, but it wasn’t that kind of smell good. It was more like knock off polo and frankincense and myrr and something called “lick me all over” which I bought not only for the name, but it smelled pretty good too. I did not get to that scent, though, until I had rubbed at least half of them on various parts of my body. I left there smelling like an Ancient Mesopotamian whorehouse or what I imagine one would smell like if Mesopotamians had whorehouses, but I don’t know if they did or not, because I never paid that much attention in History and currently I watch way too many shows on Netflix to even click over to the History channel to figure it out. Either way, I have a whole bottle of “Lick Me All Over” to go with my sunburn and my forthcoming ear infection…

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