Secret Stalker Guy

I had a friend request a while back from some guy named “Tom” on Facebook. I like to look at all the details before accepting. Not that it really matters too much because my profile is pretty easily accessible whether you are a friend or not, but still, don’t want to let too many hackers in with permission. Or sales people. Don’t you hate when you get a friend request and you think they are just a normal person like you (you, not me, I’m not normal), so you accept and before you know it they are junking up your newsfeed with shoes for sale or purses or miracle weight loss? I hate that. I don’t hate it if it’s my actual friends trying to sell something. I’m supportive like that. Back to the point. So, I don’t ever friend someone who only has say…..4 friends and all of their photos are of inanimate objects. So this guy sends me a message asking why I haven’t accepted his friend request. I reply because I don’t know you. And he replies that I do. So there was a little bit of mystery and intrigue. So for the next day or so, we went back and forth talking until I finally figured it out. And it turns out he’s not a stalker at all. At least not my stalker. He is someone that I worked with a while ago and we are actually friends on his real facebook page. I’m not sure if he ever did answer me when I asked him why he had a fake page. Guess it doesn’t matter  (maybe he’s stalking someone else). For a minute, though, I thought I had a secret admirer. A tall, dark, handsome, rich, romantic, secret admirer with a nice butt.  Oh well,  I guess not having a secret admirer is way better than have a secret stalker guy…. especially if that guy is a psycopath serial killer (not that Tom is, just generally speaking about stalker type folks). hehe.

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