Back on My Hustle

I’m not much of a shopper. Actually, I’m not a shopper at all. I do like to go looking at thrift stores and vintage stores. I even go to the occasional estate sale, because I really like looking at other people’s lives. Especially old people’s. I don’t know why.  Maybe because things were cooler a few generations ago or maybe they were made better. Or maybe I’m just nosy as fuck. Either way, I like to go look, I rarely buy. Today, I stopped at the flea market by my house. Usually just a lot of junk and stuff that likely “fell off the back of a truck” aka was pulled out of store dumpster or stolen by a store employee instead of throwing it out.

Today, I went looking for a dog food container. I knew I probably wouldn’t find one, but I just don’t want to have to go buy a new one. Those things are expensive. I guess I could take my sister’s advice and just go buy a plastic tote, and maybe I will, but I stopped at the flea market first because they have a little bit of everything.

So, I walked around the whole thing. I got a really cool calendar for a quarter. I only got it for the inspirational quotes. I use my phone for all things really calendar related, but I guess it’s not a half bad idea to know what day it is when I’m all cooped up in my room writing. I also got a tea pot.  I’ve been shopping around for one for weeks now, but I just couldn’t justify paying $15-30 for a tea pot when I could just boil water in a saucepan and move on with my life, right?Anyway, I scored one for a buck.

Then, I was walking around some more and I saw this great set of dishes. Stoneware. I have dishes. They don’t match, but they do the job. But something was just drawing me to it. So I looked at them and asked the guy how much he wanted.  It was service for at least 5+. Dinner plates, salad plates, saucers and mugs. No bowls.  I tried to low ball him, but he turned it down.

I walked to my car and googled the brand. Turns out they were circa 1956- stoneware. I saw six pieces online for $189. I immediately went back and bought them with the hopes that I can sell them online for a little bit of a profit. The site that sells replacement plates, sells them for $29.99 each, and there are at least 8 plates, so I’m sure I can make a small profit on the whole set.

I also bought some cast steel or iron owls for super cheap that date back to 1969. I saw them for sale online too, so I’m going to try to sell those as well. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do to get her hustle on, right?

I’m also in the middle of making some hula hoops for adults and some adult “greeting” cards that say everything you wanted to say, but just didn’t know how. I’m calling them Impossibly Inappropriate cards. It’s all just my feeble attempt at not having to work for another moron.

More about all of that later……

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