Dress Hack

I’ve always done this thing that I think is pretty genius when I wear a dress. I mean, I didn’t reinvent the wheel or anything, but I wear shorts underneath. Usually just a little pair of running shorts or something. Just something to cover me enough on the (not so) off chance that I drink too much while out having a good time since I usually only wear dresses for special occasions. Except recently, I’ve been wearing dresses a lot. They are comfy. They are cool. I used to not want to wear them because I don’t love to carry a purse and dresses don’t typically have pockets, but recently, I started wearing a pair of jean cut off shorts underneath. You know the kind…. daisy dukes, coochie cutter shorts, whatever you call short, short, shorts.  I cut my jeans off right around the spot where my big thighs rub together and wear down the inside of the jeans. They are too short for me to wear in public. I wear them when I’m working in the yard, the back yard, not the front. And now, I wear them under all my dresses. Totally gives me a place to put my phone, my car keys, money, ID, bank card, whatever. I have four pockets to work with and since I would never wear a form fitting dress, nobody knows that I have all that stuff in my pockets, UNDER my dress. I just look like I’m walking around empty handed without a care in the world. Like I said, I didn’t reinvent the wheel. I’m probably not even the first or only person who does this, but I will take the credit today. If only for 24hours.

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