Tinder and the Gulf

I had a pretty uneventful drive to Florida. That’s exactly how I like long distance drives to go. I did drive in the rain most of the time, but it wasn’t a torrential downpour or anything. There was a couple times where the rain cleared and the sun came out and I was able to open my sunroof and just feel the wind in my hair and jam out like an American Idol, but it seemed like every single time I ventured to open the sunroof, it would start raining. Go figure. Either way, I made it here safe and sound.

I’m pretty much here to cat sit two of the cutest (and quite possibly most spoiled) cats in the world, Stella and Pippa. My aunt is their helicopter mom so I came a couple days early so “the girlies” could get used to me. But I’m animal people so I’m pretty sure they already like me or they are just super confused by the overwhelming dog smell on all my things and are trying their best to figure it out. Time will tell….

My aunt gave me the 3-hour tour of the place last night. Her back yard is a coastal dune lake (Coastal Dune Lakes are a very rare natural phenomena that only occur in a handful of locations around the globe, including New Zealand, Australia, Madagascar and South Walton, Florida. In fact, South Walton has 15 named coastal dune lakes along its 26 miles of coastline  — southwalton.com), which is pretty freaking cool.  My stay here includes a kayak and a paddle board and I’ve been told I can paddle from here into the gulf early in the morning and see dolphins, so if that happens, my year is pretty much made. The only thing that would complete it would be to run into KyMani Marley while I’m here and attempt to make a baby with him for the rest of the week, but I’ve asked around and although there are numerous famous people around these parts, none of them are Kymani Marley…..or any other Marley for that matter, so I’m going to just have to be happy with the dolphins.

My aunt showed me a few of the cool local watering holes and a coffee shop, so my bases are pretty much covered. I had a small tinge of regret about deleting my Tinder app that I had installed a couple weeks ago for less than 48 hours. How will I meet rich eligible bachelors with boats without the interweb?? Guess I will just enjoy the sand and salt on my own…. and just hop on a stranger’s boat if I can. Problem solved.

Speaking of the Tinder app… someone told me that I shouldn’t rely on meeting people in person and I should get online to meet someone. I’m not really good with making all those choices. It’s like being at a buffet. I don’t really like to sample everything, I just want to know what the best thing on the buffet is, so I can eat that. Dating is kind of the same way. It’s exhausting weeding through all the “what’s up sexy? What are you looking for?” I prefer to just meet people face to face. Then, you know if there’s chemistry, you know if they get your jokes. As a side, it’s really hard for humor to translate into text. I mean, you really have to be vibing with someone for that to work. It’s just too much pressure. I was literally on Tinder long enough to drive from Atlanta to Knoxville. And since Tinder is location based, I pretty much met a handful of men along I-75. Met on Tinder, not in person. And then a couple from Knoxville. I know maybe I’m asking too much to be entertained immediately, but I want what I want. Entertain me!! So within 48 hours, I gave up on Tiner and deleted my profile and the app from my phone. Only one person asked me for my number before the big deletion so I guess he’s made it to round 2, if that’s thing. And luckily, he hasn’t asked me the dreaded “what are you looking for” question, because I have no answer. I  don’t really know what I’m looking for, if I did, I’d probably have it. Maybe I was just bored that day. Or lonely. And then I got over it. I’m not looking for anything. I just want everything. That’s not a bit confusing for anyone, right?




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