Happy 4th of July

I had this long semi-heartbreaking blog written for today, but as I went to schedule it to post, I realized that everybody is off work today in the United States, or at least most of us are, and those of us who are not, are too busy thinking about getting off later to see the fireworks, that it seemed like a terrible idea to write a blog that I actually want people to read. So instead, I am just going to wish all of you a happy and safe fourth of July.  I don’t typically celebrate, but I am going to a birthday party today and I will probably stay later and watch some fireworks get shot off, while worrying that my dogs are at home all alone debating on breaking through the glass windows to get away from the fireworks or maybe worrying for nothing because they are just in my room drooling on my pillow and licking themselves where their balls used to be and on their assholes. It could really go either way. Anyway, if you have dogs, may they be as calm as my friend on a handful of Xanax and may you have a happy and safe day that doesn’t include sunburn or 3rd degree burns of any kind! See ya’ll tomorrow.

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