Pain in my Gut

This is probably one of those short, sweet blogs that I rarely write, but due to the pain in my gut, I’m at a loss for too many words. I don’t usually have physical ailments and I rarely go to the doctor. Today is an exception to that rule. Yesterday I was laying in bed. Actually, I had taken a nap and when I went to sit up, I felt something pop near my bellybutton. A few years ago, my doctor said that I had a hernia. I never ever thought about it again until yesterday. So that popping thing happened and for the rest of the day, it hurt when I moved and when I laughed and basically when I did anything. So I guess I’m off to the doctor today, assuming I can get in, but not before I go to the laundromat, because I’ve been slacking so much, I have no clean skivvies. And you can’t go to the doctor with dirty undies on. I mean, I guess you could and I’m sure some people do, but I’m not those people.

On a brighter note, I did write quite a few thousand words yesterday on the novel I’ve been working on (the erotica one). I was telling my friend that when I write, it’s like an out of body experience, because as I was writing yesterday, something happened in the story that I was not expecting, even though I was the one doing the writing. It happens like that sometimes. Characters surprise you. And the on in the this book, he’s full of surprises. So after (or during) laundry and after I hopefully see a doctor to see what to do about this pain in my abdomen, I am going to get back to the writing. So, enjoy your Thursday and  I’ll see ya’ll tomorrow.

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