Love Her Wild

I rarely do a book review and when I do, I just post it on Amazon or whatever platform I got the book from, but this new book Love Her Wild: Poetry by Atticus is delivering more than I could have ever imagined. I’m sure if you’re a woman and you’re on Facebook, you’ve no doubt seen snippets of his poetry splattered on your timeline from one of your hopelessly romantic friends. Little pieces of beautiful words adorning a picture, leaving us all swooning and wishing for a love like that.  It should come as no surprise that, I, lover of poetry, was in the line to pre-order a copy of this book on Amazon and I’ve been waiting rather impatiently for it to be released. Since the release, I’ve been binge reading (It’s like a Netflix binge, but no internet or subscription required).

Reading this book was like listening to a violin. One minute you are just enjoying the music that’s floating on the breeze and the next minute you hear something that hits your soul so hard you have to brush away a tear and shake off a goose-bump before you even realized it moved you. Yea, I said it, this book is a violin but with words.

It’s poetry and photography mixed together. The photos are stunning but the words are breathtaking. A few of my favorites include:

“Don’t Worry-
You see,
to some you are


to me
is stumbling in the dark
searching for
the right words
to describe
the feeling
I get
when she smiles
while she sleeps.”


“Watch carefully
the magic that occurs
when you give a person
enough comfort
to just be themselves.”

and my favorite of them all…..

“She was afraid of heights
but she was
much more afraid
of never flying.”

Insert all the heart emojis here.

This book is amazing and has me, as the kids say, “with all the feels.”

Seriously, me, she who is anti-relationship, now has fantasies of laying on the couch with my head in someones lap reading poetry by candlelight while sipping wine.

So, thanks, Atticus, for ruining what was once a perfectly good single life!  Now all I want is someone to love or someone to love me like all the feels in this book.

But seriously, if you are a reader at all, this one is definitely a keeper. Well worth the price to see such love in the world.






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