Something Like a Phenomenon

Over the last little bit, I’ve noticed the phenomenon of women being with their men while they work. I don’t really understand what this is all about, but I guess I wouldn’t considering I have a hard time being around anyone for too long let alone all day while they work. The other day, I went outside and my dickhead littering neighbor from across the street was fixing the air conditioning on his house. He doesn’t live there, he just owns the place. Nobody actually lives in it. I call him a dickhead litterer because when he took the first AC unit out, he was rolling wheel barrows of garbage across to my side of the street and dumping it in the empty lot next to my house. Of course, he wouldn’t know that I clean that lot up…. all the fucking time…. because he doesn’t live over here. Needless to say, it pissed me off, but I didn’t say anything because he knows where I live and I don’t want a bullet in my head. That’s pretty much what I think of all people these days.

So then, I go to see my mechanic, and one of his guys is talking to this girl in the garage. And I say, “is that his girlfriend?” The answer, “yes, she’s been here all day.” I’m just really confused about it. I mean, is it because these ladies love these men so much they just don’t want to part with them or has one of them cheated? It’s kind of the in-person equivalent of having a joint facebook account. All speculation from the outside, of course, but valid questions.

I don’t want to see anyone all day every day. Hell, I barely want to see my kid all day everyday and I gave birth to him. I can literally think of two people of the opposite sex who I could be around for more than a couple hours and not have any homicidal thoughts, and one of them is not a romantic interest and the other one, I’m pretty sure, has put me in the friend zone…. and it’s super weird for me. I almost don’t even want to go into it, because I honestly don’t know where to start or how to even formulate a thought about a guy I keep spending time with who refuses to try to fuck me. It’s unchartered territory. Like walking on pluto. I may attempt to start that story from the beginning one day, but I would be hard pressed to do it now because I don’t know what’s going on so I couldn’t even articulate it. So until then…. my lips are sealed.

I will just continue to wonder what the fuck is up with these women babysitting their men at work!

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